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Exciting Announcement!

Welcome to our blog and our very first post! We are excited to share our hospital with you in this new format! Keep an eye out for hospital events and updates, helpful pet care articles by our staff and doctors.

To kick off our blog with some big news, we are thrilled to announce the upcoming expansion of our outdoor space for boarding pets! Our new space will feature a product called K9 Grass, which is an artificial grass designed specifically for dogs. It looks and feels just like real grass, but has the added benefits of being antimicrobial and very easy to clean and maintain. We will also have a beautiful saltwater splash pool for our water-loving dog friends to play in. The play space will be divided into two fenced areas, so that pets who may not enjoy swimming or interacting with other dogs can have some privacy. Once complete, the total space will measure about 5,000 square feet. Stay tuned for more updates as construction progresses in the coming months!

Check out this video of Dr. Luckstone sharing a little bit about the project.